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How It Works

It’s easy to start earning money towards savings on fuel. Every dollar spent at our location earns 1 rewards point. For every 100 points spent, you’ll receive .10¢ off per gallon good for one fill up of up to 35 gallons. To earn points, provide your phone number at checkout every time you shop. To track your points, log into your account.

Get Started

New To Rewards?

Follow the steps below to start earning towards fuel today:

  1. Complete the registration form here.
  2. Shop for groceries at our Reserve and Broadway locations in Missoula, MT.
  3. Provide your phone number every time you checkout to start earning points.
  4. Once you’ve earned 100 points, visit our fuel station to use your .10¢ discount.
  5. Be sure to use your credit before it expires, It expires 60 days after being issued. Discount is good for up to $1 a gallon, max 35 gallons.

How to redeem

To redeem your fuel discount simply use your Rewards phone number at the pump and indicate you would like to use your credit. Discounts must be redeemed by the end of the month following the month in which the points were earned.